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Traffic and Conversions.

We are a process nerd. Every element of our businesses run on detailed, highly defined systems. This allows us to scale complicated tasks (like SEO) with minimal friction and cost. Specifically, we've developed a process for cross digital marketing campaigns - P.R.I.M.A.L.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The best website, product, or service don't mean much if the right people aren't there to see it.


Monthly Analysis & Reporting

End to end online strategy that will unite your marketing across channels.


Customized Content Creation

Create content that resonates with your customer and drives more sales.


Website Development & Optimization

It is essential that your website is constructed in a way to maximize conversion optimization.



End to end online strategy that will unite your marketing across channels.


Social Media

Our organic social media growth platforms (primarily Instagram) help grow your brand.

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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple and easy communication


What Clients Say.

we are more than a digital agency


Absolutely 5 star services from the beginning.

My personal opinion, It’s difficult now days to find an authentic consulting agency that engages with their clients the way Cody and his team is capable of doing. They really care about your brand and want to see you succeed.

Starting from the root of your brand and engaging with, and understanding every bit of your story on every level to insure an authentic vibe across the board without ever compromising your brand.

Highly educated, motivating and highly recommended.

Shannon Lee Fleming


Heaven Giles

DCM is amazing and I highly recommend!
They’ve helped my business thrive to say the least from brining new traffic to creating my website as well as the social media aspect of my business!
They make it happen and go above and beyond to ensure they do all they can !
My business thanks you DCM!!!!!
They are knowledgeable and efficient in what they do!
The best of the best!!!


Johanna Buchweitz

Digital Cartel Media is AMAZING.
I hired Cody and team to work on my company's social media and website. Cody is super professional and responds very quickly. He is always willing to go the extra mile to make his customers happy. His customer service skills are a 100 out of 10. I cannot recommend Cody and the Digital Cartel Media team enough.
They are awesome.


Zac Holman

DCM is a 5-star consulting agency. Every time I have needed their services they have been extremely professional and on the ball in every way imaginable. I will be a returning customer for many more projects in the future!

Cody Campagne

Cody Campagne

I would like to Cody Allen and Digital Cartel Media or helping me scale Elite Home Gyms. They made it possible for us to reach a larger audience by providing their professional services and website design. It was a pleasure working with the Cody, he’s brilliant, and the team of Digital Cartel Media.

Brain Xicatencatl

Paul Pearcey

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