Why You Need to Adapt Your Business to Millennials

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why you need to adapt your business to millenials | Digital Cartel Media

Is it worth it to create your marketing and business strategy with millennials in mind? Yes, absolutely you should.

Millenials change have changed marketing forever. They make business more visual, more

transparent, and more immediate. They are going to put companies out of business.

If you keep up with the news, you’d know that Toys R Us plans to close or sell all of their US

stores. Having a brick and mortar business that appeals to children and young teens simply isn’t

necessary anymore.

Here are three statistics I’d like you to see before you read this article.

Thirty-seven percent of millennials claim to distrust big business, according to Forbes.

Seventy-five percent of people have social profiles within the ages of 18-29 according to

the Pew Research Center.

Women and men ages 18 to 34 are more likely than 35 to 64-year-olds to engage in

nearly every online shopping activity, with 40% of males and 33% of females in the

younger age group saying they would buy everything online if they could. – eMarketer.

Millenials Are All About Transparency

If you look at the popular social media platforms for millennials, like Snapchat and Instagram

you’ll see consistencies in the platforms.

They are image and video oriented. They are mobile, transparent and they are both in their

infancy when it comes to advertising.

Companies that learn to build audiences with transparent and creative videos will capture a

young market and solidify their future.

Here’s another reason to get your company on Snapchat and Instagram immediately. Many

companies don’t know what they’re doing and will fail to create captivating content. Seize the

opportunity while it’s still here.

Leverage Popular and New Social Media Platforms

social | Digital cartel media

We all know the staples of a good social media marketing strategy. If you’re not on Facebook,

Twitter, Instagram, etc. Do I have to ask where you’ve been?

It’s now time to embrace all the big platforms, but also time to experiment with other newer

platforms with less competition.

There are so many new or “unheard of” social networks you can use these days to build

your community. Here are a two to get you started.

telgram | Digital cartel media
telgram | Digital cartel media

Telegram is an instant messaging app. It’s pretty much a chat room on steroids. It’s similar to

Whatsapp, but it’s being used by marketers to create elite clubs to distribute information.

YY | Digital cartel media

If you’re big in China and not on YY then you’re really missing out. It’s a video-based app with

over 122 million monthly active users. Video makes you more transparent, and remember that is

huge with millenials level of trust.

Sell Your Products Online

Content | Digital cartel media

Instagram is becoming a go-to platform for e-commerce stores. If you see the bag below you

know that you’ve come across an e-commerce store that allows you to purchase directly from

their Instagram profile.

Lock | Digital cartel media

Considering Instagram’s 800 million daily active users, and their upward trend, I’d say this is a

must for any business that is selling any physical product.


Given the information above, if you’re not utilizing video, new platforms, and making your

products readily available online the future may be bleak for your company.

The preference alone of millennials to purchase everything online makes adopting these

platforms to stay relevant a must.

Considering that most people are watching less and less traditional television and consuming

information and entertainment via online platforms should tell you that the change is already


I implore you to adopt new marketing techniques today and stop wasting your money where it

hurts the most.

If you’re starting to see your marketing budget go up and your ROI going down then take a step

back and rethink what you’re doing on a daily basis to enhance your presence on every platform.

For more information on new marketing techniques, check out our latest blogs on Video

Marketing and Social Media Stories.

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