Brand Development For Athletes

Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, building a solid personal brand is a powerful way to take your career to the next level. Your athlete brand determines how your fans and potential sponsors will perceive and respond to you.

Gone are the days when sweating it out on the field and perfecting your skill was all you needed to establish a successful career. What sets you apart from the rest in your industry? What makes you unique among other pro athletes? To maximize your athlete career, you must be devoted, notable, and easy to find.

Our consulting agency specializes in building brands for athletes that help them reach and engage their target audience. Leverage your image to boost your online presence.

Turning Your Athlete Brand into a Profitable Business

Leveraging the power of personal branding can be an additional source of income for you. It projects an appealing impression of who you are to the world. It determines to what extent your current or potential employer considers you a perfect fit for their vision and needs.

Building a solid personal brand increases your chances of profitable sponsorships and endorsements.

At Digital Cartel Media, our experience building and monetizing athlete brands sets us apart from others. With a CEO who was a former Division 1 NCAA athlete, we have a clear view of athlete brands as it affects your audience and you as an individual. We are dedicated to establishing a brand that is unique to you and tailored to create other streams of income.

We Make Your Online Presence Work for You

One effective way to build and monetize your brand as an athlete is through building a personal website. Our experts will work closely with you to create a proficient website that enables your fans and potential clients a personalized experience and means of communication. This way, your fans will get to know you beyond your professional career and activity.

Another way we build and monetize brands is via our prolific content creation and production. Many revenue-generating opportunities are rooted in Facebook and YouTube for athletes. Content creators receive 55 percent of all ads that YouTube and Facebook run in your content. The greater the views on your content, the greater your revenue generation. So, we help you consistently produce relevant content to have a sustained engagement with your fans.

What We Do Best


Professional Logo Design

Your athlete logo is usually the first point of contact people make with your brand. With an authentic and memorable brand logo, it becomes easier and faster for people to remember you and identify you amongst others. We dedicate resources to even the tiny details from many iterations of your logo, unlimited revisions, and a finalized version. Our expert graphic designers are dedicated to making your athlete brand stand out.


Professional Content Creation and Production

At Digital Cartel Media, we consistently help athletes generate creative and engaging content on various social media platforms. With our effective content creation, production and distribution, our athletes are strategically positioned to engage and reach their target audience.


Digital Marketing Strategy

It makes no difference to have a powerful personal brand that no one knows about. So, after your branding is created and finalized, the next line of action is to help you get your content and voice across to your targeted audience consistently.

We at Digital Cartel Media create branded content and messages for all your digital needs. From graphics to emails, we will devise the most viable method to get your message across to the right people.


DCM Academy

Knowledge, they say, is power. Our digital branding academy seeks to furnish our athletes with all the tips and resources they need to build a winning brand or become more visible and eligible to potential sponsors. Our digital Branding Academy consists of highly skilled professionals and instructors committed to helping you create a quality brand identity.

Other valuable services we render to our athletes include Merchandise designs, E-commerce store development, etc.


Search Engine Optimization

We have effective search engine optimization services. We will ensure that your athlete profile and webpage have greater visibility and ranking online. When your fans or potential sponsors search for your name, they'll have no problems finding you.


Content Marketing

Our blog content marketing team comprises highly proficient editors and writers who create compelling articles in the sporting niche. We will help you get valuable ideas across to your target audience in a clear, concise, and engaging manner.


Social Media Management

We are a reliable provider of social media services for athletes. We ensure that you have a strong online presence through multiple relevant online platforms. Though we are playing a pivotal role, our team will work closely with you.

Our social media management experts make your online presence more distinct and unique by posting relevant content and images across different social forums. We will ensure that your social media pages are active, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing, from crowdfunding campaigns to sponsorships


Website Development and E-commerce Store

Count on Digital Cartel Media to design and develop a website that lets you showcase your career milestones and sell your products online. An efficient website design is a great way to make your athlete brand more trustworthy and accessible.

Our website design and development experts work closely with our athletes to ensure that their sites represent their unique brand identity.

Your site will include;

  1. a user-friendly interphase
  2. aesthetically pleasing design that complements your athlete brand
  3. Unique content

We also ensure website search engine optimization to improve your online presence. We help athletes to utilize many avenues to build long-lasting sponsorship packages specifically for their websites.


Ongoing Brand Consulting

The company is there to help you at every point of your journey. Once we complete your web development project, we will still provide you with ongoing branding consultation. We deem it fit to provide sustainable support to our athletes because their needs are prone to change and evolve.

Our Founder Did It

Cody Allen, our Founder and a former Division 1 NCAA athlete, thrived on the strength of his brand. At the end of his professional career, he established a successful branding agency. He forged valuable and profitable partnerships and relationships within the digital industry.

Up till now, his major secrets remain effective personal branding. His firsthand experience of this industry has proven valuable in his insightful creation of successful athlete brands.

With us, you're not getting a bunch of strategies from an agency that doesn't understand your industry. You are working with people who understand your career path and are dedicated to working with you as an individual.

Athlete Application

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Positioning Your Athlete Brand Effectively for Targeted Sponsorships and Endorsements

We have a track record of helping our athletes build and manage relationships with other big brands. They seek to leverage the power of athletes' brands to endorse and sell their products.

It's time to allow your athlete branding do the speaking for you.

Our professional athlete branding is designed to set you apart from the crowd. We will help you communicate your message to the minds of both your current and prospective fans. Our marketing initiative also allows our athletes to acquire brand equity and loyalty and build strong fan awareness. We are out there to help you forge quality partnerships.