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When Snapchat came onto the social network scene, it was immediately written off by businesses. With time and changes to the platform, it’s become a go-to venue for advertising products and services. Snapchat ads have become an underpriced form of marketing with an excellent ROI when done correctly.

Everyone knows it’s a haven for young users, so it naturally attracts companies with a target market below 40 years of age. However, over recently years it’s become a hotbed for all ages.

To Snap, Inc., they are a camera company, not a social network. “We believe reinventing the camera represents our best opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate.”

Despite their attempt to distinguish themselves from social networks, they are a social network and primed for business.

This guide will show you why you should advertise on Snapchat, the types of Snapchat Ads that are available, the costs, and the tools you’ll have at your fingertips to manage your campaigns.

Why Should You Use Snapchat Ads?

Snapchat has 187 million daily active users and rising fast.

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Every quarter for the past 4 years, Snapchat’s daily active users have grown.

For many millennials and younger, Snapchat is their preferred method of communication. It’s more “casual” than texting and reduces the pressure of response.

It allows more versatility with video chat, audio only, short video clips, pictures, and texting all-in-one. The content does not stick around, which was a turnoff for many people and a turn on for others.

Another great feature is the ability to customize every post you make. Graphics, lenses, filters, color changes are just some of the ways to improve the quality of your posts.

If you really want to save your content for other posts, you can always take a screenshot and post it to your other profiles.

The best part of these daily users is they are habitual users. Snapchatters open the app 25+ times per day on average, and spend 30+ minutes per day on average. Over 60% of users create daily with their camera.

Here are some other facts about Snapchat you should consider:

  • 71% of Snapchat users are under the age of 34.
  • Roughly 70% of Snap users are female.

If you’re wondering if you missed the boat because it’s too crowded take a look at this chart, from to see who is advertising the most. Unless you’re in media and entertainment, you’re early at best. Surprisingly, apparel and accessories, beauty, and retail are not noticing the trend yet.

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How to Use Snapchat Ads

Creativity is a must in any video marketing campaign. Without it, your video will be passed over like the wind.

Your ads must be attention-getting at-a-glance. You can’t afford to not make a proper entrance with the costs associated with Snapchat ads.

Snapchat ads breed creativity or at least a fresh look at your business.

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This picture might look ridiculous to you as an ad. However, it’s not ridiculous when you consider Taco Bell received 224 million views with this sponsored lense ad. The price, well, that’s no laughing matter.

Sponsored Lens ads start at $500,000 per day.

Why so much? Those 224 million people didn’t just watch those ads. They played with them.

Each ad is designed to be interacted with. It’s encouraged and statistics show a very high percentage of viewers actually encourage the spread of the ads.

Reach a unique audience

If you’re researching your target audience correctly, it should be unique. Snapchat gives you the tools find those individuals that are likely to interact and buy your products.

Grow your business

You might be thinking, I’ve heard Snapchat is a difficult platform to build a business. You’re right was without ads, but the benefit if you do, is astronomical because of the youthful demographics.

Organic growth is difficult without a brand in place. It’s not necessarily a place to start your brand, but it is a place to enhance your brand.

There are marketers who built amazing brands with Snapchat without ads. They used other platforms to encourage people to follow them on Snapchat. They say things like, “I spend all my time on Snapchat, so use my Snapcode and follow me there.”

With all the opportunity to be creative and make a scene, people can build huge loyal followings that will last. Considering the age demographics, it’s not like they’ll be retiring anytime soon.

Get real results

Snapchat may not have the numbers that Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram have, but they are climbing and they have something more important.


How much do companies spend on Superbowl ads just to see them get outdone by the next ad? How many people actually remember to take action on what they saw?

Snap provides a way to take action right then and there. This ease to be impulsive is the key to making sales especially if you’re not selling something people need.

The sheer amount of daily visitors, repeat visits, and the time spent using the app trumps everything the other platforms do.

Another strong point is it’s 100% mobile, which means their users aren’t far from their next post. With the enhancements of adding video calling, it may eliminate the need for traditional calling altogether.

If you’re looking to raise awareness for a good cause, look to Snapchat. If you’re constantly creating content, you’ll always have interested people viewing your stories. They’ll share them with their friends too.

Plan of Action 

Big companies need to go out right now and find someone that knows how to post on Snapchat. If they are creative and have a sense of taking high-quality pictures with a smartphone, then get them a pair of Spectacles and start building your brand on Snapchat.

Tell them to watch the greats like Tai Lopez and Gary Vaynerchuck. Their channels and books are great resources to learn to expand a business’ brand without ads.

If you aren’t sure that person is right for the job, then hire a company that specializes in video marketing.

After you’ve become capable as a company on Snapchat, look into the options below. Some might fit into your budget and some may not, but with the engagement, Snapchat Ads get you’ll get every pennies’ worth.

6 Advertising Options and Costs

Warning! Some of these prices might seem out of the question for you, but Snapchat Ads cater to everyone that wishes to use them. 

Discover Ads

If you swipe from right to left, you’ll pull over the Discover section. In it are stories are from top contributors, news feeds, cables tv channels and ads. This is how many young people get their news today. I love watching ESPN highlights there to keep up with my favorite teams, and occasionally I see ads that get me to swipe up.

The price of $50,000 each is worth it considering that it will reach the majority of the app’s 187 million daily active users.

Sponsored Lenses

Sponsored lenses like the Taco Bell ad above are extremely valuable to the right company, because they are inherently creative and eye-catching. They’re also very easy to make. Just take a selfie and add custom lenses to the targeted location.

You can change your appearance, voice, add graphics, and animations to spice them up.

The price is over $500,000 per day because of the massive amount of impressions they get. Those lenses are tried out by the people that interact with them. They can use the lenses to send them to their friends and followers, which magnifies their effectiveness.

If a targeted location isn’t enough and you have the cash, then do Nationwide Sponsored Lens and let the whole country know about your offer.

Snap Ads

Snap ads are the most common ads you’ll see if you use the app often. They are relatively cheap to run and you can decide your budget.

It’s a 10-second video where you try to convince your audience to swipe up and click on a link you present. A good strategy is to point them to a video sales letter or webinar on a hot subject. Cryptocurrency is very hot right now, and I see those a lot.

In comparison to different platforms, Snap Ads do 5x the click rate than on Instagram or Facebook.

Snap To Unlock Filters & Codes

You’ve probably seen these codes around town and on other social networks. Now it’s used by companies to offer specials and discounts. By taking a picture of the code in Snapchat, you’ll get the rewards. This is also a low-cost option.

Local Geofilters

This one is the lowest cost of $7 minimum to run, but great for conventions, parties, and smaller gatherings.

It’s a filter that allows you to advertise to everyone at the venue using Snapchat. The next speaking gig or concert you have for example, use this for giveaways, discounts, raffles, etc. It’s a fun way to get exposure and maybe some new clients.

Advertising Analysis


Ads Manager

This your one stop shop to build ads that will convert every time.

  1. Select Your Objective 

  2. Create Your Ads 

  3. Use the Creative Library to Build Your Ads 

  4. Review & Publish 

  5. Measure Your Results 

Click the link for a closer look the Snapchat ads manager and apply today. 


It’s the hottest app, excuse me “camera company” on the market.

This guide gave you everything you need to get on Snap and start making your mark. If this is too much for you, then absolutely get a professional to run your ads for you.

The biggest mistake you can make is not getting on there while Snapchat is climbing in daily users.

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