Click Funnels: The Ultimate Money-Making Tool?

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Click Funnels: The Ultimate Money-making Tool

Click Funnels is one of the best money-making tools on the internet today.

This article will have two main parts to it. The first will be why you should use Click Funnels, or programs like it, to increase profits for your business with very low overhead. The second, and majority of the article, will focus on how to make a successful sales funnel in 2018.

This are a lot different than they used to be now that selling online has become the standard for most new businesses. If you’re not selling online yet, Click Funnels is a great way to get to the top of your industry if you learn how to use it.

What is ClickFunnels?

Click Funnels Leads

Clickfunnels is a web application used to create high-converting sales and marketing funnels for online and offline businesses. With this program you can create your own custom landing pages, sales letters, webinars, and email automation campaigns making business simpler and easier to scale.

The benefit to Clickfunnels is having all the tools you need to increase revenue conveniently in one place. This means no more integrating your email campaign manager with your customer relationship manager (CRM). This also means tracking everything your customers do when interacting with you click funnels.

It’s really a fantastic tool that will allow you to create more profitable revenue streams for you business. It’s easy for beginners to get off the ground and advanced enough for online business tycoons to get really detailed. The beauty of Clickfunnels is it’s so powerful that you don’t need to get detailed.

Generate More Leads with a Click Funnel

If you’re familiar with pay-per-click (PPC) ads then click funnels will be a breeze for you. You should have at least a bit of experience with PPC ads before you invest in ClickFunnels or a product similar to it, like Leadpages, but it’s not a requirement. Plus, most of the people that thrive with Clickfunnels are of the figure-it-out-as-you-go mentality.

To really get his off the ground, you need to use clickfunnels to generate more leads for your business. Whether you’re trying to create a funnel to collect leads or directly sell your products using the automation features, click funnels will separate you from your competitors, because of the speed you can release products with branded sales materials that convert.

One of the best marketers in the world is ClickFunnels’ creator, Russell Brunson. Just search for him on social media, you’ll find out the power of clickfunnels. He’s a student of one of the greatest marketers ever, Dan Kennedy of GKIC.

Just follow Russell or Dan on Facebook, YouTube, or their podcasts and you’ll be indoctrinated into their tribe of elite marketers. Just click on one of Russell’s ads and purchase some of his products. You’ll be amazed at the way he warms you up with his philosophy then before you know it, you’re so hyped up and ready to buy that your credit card simply jumps out of your wallet on magically gets input into the online form.

ClickFunnels Pricing Review

Some say that ClickFunnels’ pricing is too expensive. Click funnels in comparison to the many competitors out there is something you should investigate, but for the value you get it’s well worth it, even if you choose the most expensive price-point.

How many programs offer an all-in-one marketing application for virtually any product you’d like to sell. Not many and for the money and the ROI, you’ll be pleased if you learn to use the product with your business in mind.

ClickFunnels Integration List

Are you interested in knowing which partners ClickFunnels integrates with? Just follow this link to the help section of click funnels and you’ll see all the integration partners. You’ll probably find a number of great partners that you’re already using if you’ve been in the online business game.

Here are a few names: Kajabi, Active Campaign, MailChimp, Hubspot, and Salesforce.

There are many more and if you’re already using them there is no need to drop them for the tools inside click funnels. Just integrate them and skip that part.

How to Make a Sales Funnel in 2018

Click Funnels Sales Funnel

Click funnels are one of the most powerful automation tools for you business in 2018. Some say it’s blogging or email. Some say it’s A.I., but what really matters is speed. Click funnels allows you to create the best branded content in minutes. That is taking into effect that you have a good product and sound business practices already.

If you’re struggling to make any sales, clickfunnels could be the ticket, but it could also be a small waste of money that could be used elsewhere. Purchase at your own risk, but if you’re ready to learn about creating funnels read the rest of this article and then sign up.

How Click Funnels Hacking is Your New Best Friend

PPC ads are always a great addition to an online business, but a PPC ad with a landing page and webinar is better. Let’s take that another step after the webinar and ad cross-selling to a purchase, then an additional upsell after the initial purchase. Then repeat the process over and over again, until the customer reaches the very top of the “staircase” you have created. Now, a customer that wanted to buy the shipping for a free book, just made a purchase for your $25,000 a year coaching program.

This is the strategy that works for Clickfunnels, themselves. There is also a very crucial step right from the start. When you offered the payment of shipping for the free book, you collected not just their name and payment information, but also their address and their email. You might have also asked them to follow you on Facebook or signup for their RSS feed too.

Each one of these steps create a way for you reach back out to the customer after they have made their initial purchase. If they drop out at any time, you can drop them a line again and again when you create more products or offer specials. These small details are what make Dan Kennedy and Russell Brunson great marketers, and these are the same things that you can do to your business better too.

Creating a Brand for Your Business

Thinking in terms of a brand for your business is crucial for your success as an entrepreneur. Branding is what gives your business the extra umpphhhh needed to build that much needed trust with your customers.

Your brand is everything you show people, not just your logo. It’s the wording you use. The logo, yes, but it’s also the images, videos, personalities, and the other videos you like on your YouTube channel. For more information on branding your business in 2018, click this link to learn now.

Mixing Content with Sales Pitches

Thinking about the customer experience when you’re making click funnels is vital to success. It’s easy to not think about what the customer goes through. This is why many people think that buying a product like this is a waste of money.

If you haven’t noticed, I am a fan of click funnels. I think it’s a worthy investment if done right. It is risky though.

Many marketers run into the trap of over-selling their products. It takes a resisting the urge to constantly sell your products to do well. This is why I keep my sales pitches out of social media.

Another great marketer and disciple of Dan Kennedy is Frank Kern. He came up with a pattern that he uses to sell with email. This pattern will also would with ads and social media.

What you’re looking for is a 80/20 ratio of content to sales. This means for every 10 piece of content you produce, 2 of them should be sales pitches. If you haven’t guessed this yet, your content should be done right amazing for your sales pitches to work. Without great content you’re sales pitches will be worthless.

On the Fence About Buying ClickFunnels?

Click Funnels Buying

Look I get it, there is a simple way to figure out if you should buy click funnels. It goes like this.

If it seems like a lot of money, then don’t do it and check out my article on social selling. That’s a free way of selling your products with your phone. It’s easy and perfect for a new business.

However, if you’re already making some money online with your business, you should consider buying Clickfunnels. It very could be the special sauce you’ve been looking for. The reason being it turns good products into high-selling products. It turns good marketing strategies into high-converting marketing strategies.

That’s the difference. So, the real question is what stage of earnings is your business in. Does your business fall into the struggling to make a buck category? Then don’t buy it and focus on getting quality clients one at a time. If you’re turning a profit and looking to go from 5 to 6 figures or more. Then get your credit card out and supercharge your business.

For more information on building a successful online business in 2018, check out this article and get started.

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