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How We Grow Your Instagram Brand
Growth Service

Majority of our clients get 100-300+ organic followers daily! Our team uses the latest Artificial Intelligence to interact with relevant influencers, models and photographers across our 3 million+ global network. By interacting with the appropriate audience, we help expose your brand to those that matter to increase your fan base.

Power Likes

Discover how to get your posts viral day by day leveraging Instagram’s new algorithm changes. Build more social proof while increasing the odds of landing on the explore page exponentially! This is one of, if not the most efficient method to getting the most authentic exposure within a short amount of time. The reach your page will get is huge!

Total Management

Don’t want to leave anything to chance? Let our social media experts come up with a custom plan, catered for your specific needs. We will come up with the most efficient way to help you achieve your goals. Let us do the work, so you are able to focus on your career!



Wilhelmina Models

From 6K to 11K Followers in 6 Weeks!

Digital Cartel Media is great! I've started using it a little over a month ago and I've already grown over 3K and average about 150 followers A DAY! 



Two Management

From 9K to 31K in 4 Months!

Their experts helped me make my content go VIRAL! This is no joke. The first campaign that I did for a brand worked so well. The best thing is that their customer service team is always there to help. I'm so glad I took the leap of faith and gave them a try!



NEXT Models

From 1K to 8K in 3 Months!

Digital Cartel Media is the freaking deal!!! They took my account from 900 followers to just over 6K followers in under 2 months. Hire them if you're looking for fast results!

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