The Most Advanced Facebook Ads Tutorial for 2018

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The most advanced facebook ads tutorial for 2018

Are you looking for the silver bullet that will help your Facebook ads convert at epic proportions? Well, I’m here to show you that converting on Facebook doesn’t require better bullets, it just requires better aim. That means until you recognize what all that data in Facebook Audience Insights is telling you, you won’t make a dime.

If you’ve read some of my other posts regarding Facebook ads, you know that I think Facebook Ads are still the best ad platform on the planet. Yes, Instagram ads are a very close second, but look who owns Instagram.

Look the fact of the matter is Facebook ads allow you to target better and cost less than Google AdWords. If you’re in any kind of e-commerce business and you’re not using this ad platform to blow up your brand, you’re missing out in a big way.

This article is a going to build upon the basic articles I’ve done in the past and give you the tools to fine tune your copy, images, and video scripts to hit your goals. When you get this detailed and you have a product that rocks, it becomes inevitable that you’re going to make big money.

My tip for you is don’t wait. Use these tips now and if you need a refresher, read the other articles (linked within this post) to max-out your profits from Facebook ads.

Copywriting Tips

Facebook Ads Likes

Every ad specialist knows that the key to selling a good to great product is precision. If you write in generalities and speak of hopes and dreams you’ll only go so far. However, if you can show the specifics of exactly what your clients will get when they purchase your product, there is a high probability they’ll buy it.

When you look at the top blogs on Google for almost any term, you’ll see numbers, percentages, and comparisons very frequently used. That means that people want to see specifics.

How do you find the specifics about your target audience? The answer is by knowing everything you can about your target. Read about them, watch them on their favorite Facebook pages, check them out on Reddit, and see what questions are being asked on Quora.

All of these places are great, but if you’re struggling with Facebook ads you can assume two things: 1. You don’t know enough about your audience. 2. Your ads aren’t catching their attention in the right way. Either way, you need to know more about what they like.

Image Selection

The images you use are equally important to the copy. The image plus the copy is what draws them to your ad. This is why you see a lot of memes these days. If you’re not using video right now, you need to, but as a baseline use images plus written content.

Creating that cohesive feeling of the image plus the headline is sometimes difficult, but the more you practice it the better you’ll be. Use the data collected from your Facebook ads to tell you how well they are performing.

Just reading blogs won’t get you where you need to go when it comes to ads. If you’re concerned that you’re not using the right strategy, employ an A/B split test to test your theories. Some Facebook ad specialists run multiple sets at the same time to see what works. After a week or so, they usually feel they have an idea of whether or not they will work.

With these tests, try using different images, filters, and text to determine what is the best combination. Marketers tend to waste money when they don’t do these kinds of strategies. It’s better to make small tweaks to what you know works rather than starting fresh all the time.

Video Creation

Facebook Ads Video

These days Facebook ads require videos to really sell whatever you’re selling. Don’t make the mistake to think that you can skip this step. Sure images plus copy have worked for a long time, but why take that chance. Video costs the same as an image, so make sure you use this function as much as possible.

One of the biggest reasons that video does so well is the rise in mobile-use over desktops. Video is the preferred information consumption technique among mobile-users.

What you need to keep in mind when you make your videos is your brand image and authenticity. If your brand has a polished look, it might not be a good idea to create the videos on your phone. You’ll have to test out what works.

Remember, that one of the things millennials like is transparency. If your ideal target market is full of millennials, then you need to make sure your video content fits with that audience. In this case, creating low-quality videos on your phone could be the best thing you could do for your brand.

Content Writing

Back up your ads with amazing content. If you’re starting with ads, you could be setting yourself up for a future financial disaster.

Here’s a simple tip: start with content, attract an audience, and then sell specifically to them. If they like what you’re selling then try selling to a wider audience with ads.

Half the battle of selling online is making sure there is a market for what you’re selling before you sell it. Why waste your money if you don’t have to. You can easily help your chances of finding a winner with the tips inside this article on …

Use the tools in that article like Google trends and to at seeing if your stuff is selling. Try to understand who is buying it, read their reviews, and see if your product passes their grade. Then use the reviews as a way to write your copy.

If one of the reviews says, the product said it would help me understand x, but it didn’t. If yours does and you see this more often than once, then throw it in your ads and see how it does. Odds are your product will do better than your competition if it solves the customer’s problem better.

Facebook Ads Are Just the Beginning

Facebook Ads Webinar

Write your sales funnel backward. That means your product description should be written first. It should have the benefits clearly stated and all the trust-building elements you can find.

Next comes your main pitch. This is usually in the form of a sales letter or video sales letter, VSL or webinar. This is where you give your main pitch and close the sale. All the research you’ve done should be reflected here.

Next, is your landing page. This should be a summary of your sales page or VSL. The main benefit should entice your audience to click on the link to get to the sales page. This might seem redundant, but I assure you that the landing page is very necessary to ensure your audience is ready to make a purchase. If they click-through to the sales page you’ll improve your chances of making a sale if they have to go through the landing page first.

After you’ve created your landing page are your Facebook ads. When you create this it should be even more benefit-oriented but shorter. The headline should be very punchy and short. No long explanations here and the goal is just to get them to click-through to your landing page.

This is why they call it a funnel. Your goal is to weed out the customers that aren’t interested in buying. If they are ready to buy then they’ll get onto the sales and product page and convert at a higher rate.

Many marketers struggle because they skip steps and neglect to talk about all the benefits outlined above. Don’t make that mistake.

A Critique of Advanced Tips Tutorials

If you’re wondering why this article was different than some of the articles I’ve done in the past on Facebook ads, let me clear that up for you. This article wasn’t meant to teach you how to create ads. There are other tutorials that explain that.

My main goal was to show you that it can be any number of reasons why your ad isn’t converting. I want to convince you that no one can really tell you what your ads need to say. You have to find that out on your own.

I hope I convinced you to try tweaking each of your Facebook ads simultaneously. That is the biggest factor when you create a successful Facebook ad strategy. It requires testing above anything else to make sure you’re on the right track. Sure I could have showed statistics on all of these ideas, but those are easily findable with a Google search. By all means, please look those up for extra confidence.

Focus on creating the best ads for your brand first. Then tweak from there. Make sure you’re using your own logos and high-quality pictures. Start with a images and copy, then move to videos. If you get a handle on making written plus image ads that convert, a video should only improve things for you.

For more information on mastering Facebook ads, please check out this article.

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