How to Find Your Facebook Customer Audience Today

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Find Your Facebook Customer Audience

A Facebook customer audience is not a difficult thing to dial in. It’s important to recognize that people all over the world might be interested in your product, but finding them and pinpointing ads to them and only them is something that takes some practice, but not a ton.

Just to warn you a little bit, if you’re looking to start a Facebook ad campaign, do your research and hire a professional. There is a learning curve, but anyone can figure it out. You should also have a decent budget to play with.

The best strategy is to start small. $5 per ad per day is not a bad place to start, even if you have a large budget. At least you can try out your ad with small highly targeted with a Facebook customer audience. Then take that ad and make variations to it to find out how well it works.

The last paragraph is just the beginning, and there is plenty of money to be made with this strategy. Follow the steps in this guide to understand exactly what you’re looking for in a Facebook customer audience, then use Facebook Audience Insights to narrow down and send creative ads to ensure success.

Identify Your Target Market

Before you start pumping out ads to your Facebook customer audience, you must recognize who they are in general. Having a solid base in knowing who your audience truly is will reduce costs and frustration when you learn the Facebook advertising platform. There is a learning curve, so understanding who’s problems you’re solving is always step one.

Why Should They Buy Your Product?

Too many companies create products that don’t serve any kind of function. The term is consumer relevance. Don’t take that as every product has to revolutionize an industry. Some products are just cool and cool is enough to make billions sometimes.

The key here is to identify what your special sauce is. Does it solve a problem? Does it entertain? It’s not enough to just understand what it does. You have really dig into the benefit that people get when they use your product because people don’t buy things that don’t give them something like more money, time, or piece of mind.

Let’s look at an example of a company ( that does this well…

Facebook Customer Audience Sumo Me

Notice the red arrows. They talk about turning traffic into customers (which something all marketers will want to do) and creating more ROI which every business wants. It’s an obvious attempt to hype up their ability to make you (their customer) more money.

They aren’t talking about how their sleek design or user experience. Those terms aren’t specific enough and nobody will care if it doesn’t make you money.

Who’s Problem Do You Solve?

Knowing the age demographics, gender, income averages, cultural implications, and etc. are all important data points to creating an effective ad or content-piece. Without establishing the possible recipients of the product you’re selling, you could create many misunderstanding which will lead to fewer sales.

Think about selling an ethnic product. If you are trying to break into a new market, you have to create a sales funnel that is more elaborate because that market, most likely, doesn’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve traveled abroad recently, and I’ve seen many ways that cultures are different. They cook, clean, dress, and party in all different ways.

If you’re creating a product that only a certain number of people actually know about, then you can count on having

How Eager Are Your Clients to Get This Problem Solved?

Another very important thing to realize is how eager your Facebook customer audience gets this problem solved. If you’re selling fidget spinners for adults, you might solve a problem (entertainment or adult ADD), but fidget spinners are a dead fad and adults really don’t want stuff like that.

You need to know how the public sees your product right now. Are they searching for it on Google? Look for it on Google Trends. What are people saying about it on Facebook Audience Insights?

Warning: You might not like what you see when you go to these sites.

Apply The Findings to Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Customer Audience Insights

If you’re new to using Facebook Audience Insights, click the link to familiarize yourself with it before continuing to read.

Now that you at least know what it is, you should customize it for your target market. Then take notes on all the pages and groups your audience participates in besides what your product is about. This means that if there is a large percentage of people that love your product but also love basketball you can use that information to expand your content. Maybe there is an influencer that loves your product and is an NBA blogger with 50,000 followers on his Instagram. Maybe that person could promote your product for you.

Simply speaking, Facebook customer audiences need to be narrowed down to your content is “speaking” to your customers. They need to feel the emotional connection and know that you’re listening to them. Companies that create products aimlessly only create problems in the long-run. They might hit a winner sometimes, but they are guessing. Good businesses find out exactly what their customers are looking for and create products that win no matter what.

You should be looking at all the ways to reach your customers and know exactly what makes them tick.

Test Your Facebook Customer Audience Hypothesis (with Multiple Ads)

After you’ve created your Facebook customer audience, create some ads and find out if your hypothesis is right.

Don’t make the mistake and think that if you strike out with your first ad that everything is lost. It’s definitely not, even if it bombs.

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to a poor ad. Things like bad copywriting, a lack of brand consistency, and wrong targeting are just to name a few. I think you should highly consider hiring a specialist for managing your campaign. If you’re going solo, check out some of the great resources we have on how to crush your ad campaigns. Here’s an Advanced Guide for Facebook Marketing in 2018.

Your Facebook Customer Research is Never Done

Facebook Customer Audience Community

You’re building a community, you’re it’s leader, and that’s a process that ever stops.

The wrong thing to do when you recognize your Facebook customer audience is to think your research is over when you’re “done.” The research never stops when it comes to understanding your target audience.

Your audience will change its mind very frequently, change the way it speaks, and changes the things it does all the time. Facebook customer audiences are organic and always evolving just like you do. Notice how quickly you change the way you think about things and you’ll see that your audience is a never-ending evolving being that needs a close eye. An easy way to do that is to set up Google alerts and page notifications to let you know when things happen that affect your audience.

Let’s say you sell video games to millennials. Well, Millennials don’t just like video games, they like all kinds of things, and those extras are great things to talk about it in your content and ads. Making those current event connections is something the best marketers do, and you should implement this as soon as you can to ensure you’re reaching the best parts of your audience.

The Power of “You-Focused” Ads and Content

Having empathy for your customers is what having a Facebook customer audience is all about. Yes, you want to make more sales and have a profitable business. Without helping your customers you won’t do that for very long. Having a “you-focus” is the key to ensuring success with advertisements.

This is why every blog I write is written like a conversation. Yes, I do most of the talking. I’m talking about you or something you can do to help your business. It’s not about someone else, because you’re obviously here for a reason.

Maybe you’d like to get more following on social media or run a successful ad campaign. This article and all the articles on the Digital Cartel Media blog are designed to show you more ways to thrive in the online world based on a set of core values. We believe in giving you no B.S. content that helps you get to the next level by taking an honest look at your business and adding what is necessary. When you finally reach a point of stagnation after implementing and seeing improvement, you can employ another tactic.

Business these days requires you to be on Facebook, and having a Facebook customer audience is something every business should have and continue to understand. For more information on how to get your business off-to-the-races, check out these articles to learn what you should do next.

Facebook Video Marketing (Part 1) and Facebook Video Marketing (Part 2) are great places to start if Facebook is your next territory to conquer. If you’re looking for more content ideas, check out How to Master Content Creation for Your Business.


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