IGTV: Instagram Television is a Must for These Businesses

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IGTV_ Instagram Television Is A Must These Businesses.

I just want to let you know that IGTV, aka Instagram Television is one of the best tools for virtually any business this year to build your brand. It’s not all that different from video marketing, so if you’re already doing that just migrate over to IGTV and thank me later.

Now, anyone can have a television show and make all the rules you want. I truly believe that television will significantly change and possibly go away in the next decade. What will replace it will be more streaming services. Hopefully, we don’t lose too many good shows, but I think that programs like IGTV, Youtube, and Netflix will take the reigns pretty well.

You might be thinking this article could be a waste of your time. IGTV can’t be for everyone, right? No, it is for everyone, but this article will talk about what kind of businesses really do well and which ones will struggle.

Of course, the brands that already do well on Instagram like dogs and bikini models will do well everywhere, but what about the plumbers, construction companies, and the soon to be technology giants? Will they do well?

I definitely think with some creativity, most brands can start turning IGTV viewers into dollars right now. Other traditional brands might have to use IGTV to create multiple streams of income (which I’ll go into more depth later) instead of just relying on the bread and butter.

The point is IGTV presents yet another opportunity for marketers to stake their claim. The only question is will you?

This is Too Much Work to Get Right


Have you ever seen the show Jackass, from MTV? That’s the beginning of IGTV, YouTube, and Reality television. If you’re worried about the quality of your videos, just watch those shows and you’ll understand the truth. Low quality videos mean nothing in comparison to the entertainment value of the content.

Just look at the view counts on YouTube for all the terrible quality videos that just show something outlandish. The key is can you draw a crowd in a way that gets your viewers to trust you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber, car salesman, or golf professional start making IGTV videos right now. It’s time to start making content for your business on IGTV, because it’s still something that hasn’t caught steam just yet.

Don’t Just Have One Income Stream

The problem you’re thinking about is how does having an IGTV show help me get more clients? What I say to that is why does the show have to get you more clients for the one business you have now. IGTV is more than just a way to get more clients for your plumbing business, it’s a way to get people to trust you, for when you create a product they can buy from you.

Products like a custom made drain clog remover or a book on how to remodel your bathroom. You could even create a video series on it and promote it with your IGTV channel. The point is that IGTV is a way reach millions of people. Start with what you do and make it someone bigger.

What Kind of People Do Well With IGTV?

IGTV Instagram Success

Now anyone with a smartphone can be an IGTV star in months if you have the right stuff. What do you think I mean by that? Good looks, a great body, dazzling charisma, etc. No way. Look around on the internet and you’ll see so many people making a name for themselves, because they are energetic about what they do.

If you want to adopt some characteristics to succeed on IGTV, think about all the videos you’ve loved. Maybe the person is not the best speaker. Maybe he or she studders and mumbles, but for some reason you were drawn to it. Most likely the subject matter was something you wanted to learn about, so you watched it.

Here is the list of winning characteristics…

  • Energetic
  • Smart
  • Knowledgeable
  • Honest
  • Willing to Admit Faults
  • Brave
  • Driven
  • Willing to Spend Money Without Receiving Anything In Return

Do you see what these characteristics add up to? A good person. That’s all you have to do. You don’t have to change yourself, just be the good person you already are.

These aren’t an all or nothing set of characteristics. Just be who you are and let the chips fall where they may, but beware if you’re in a bad mood all the time just take a break and come back ready to roll the next day.

Why Not Just Create Videos?

Good point. Why not just create videos, instead of investing all the time and energy into an IGTV channel? Well, videos will most likely take just as long when you consider editing and uploading.

The kind of IGTV channel you’re going for shouldn’t strive to rival CNN in lighting, makeup, and backdrops. There are already too many of those, unless that is your dream. Who am I to stop someone from their dream?

Just focus on your brand and make it consistent. What people stay away from is a lack of brand authenticity.

If you’re interested in working on the quality of your video marketing with IGTV, check out this article to get started. You might want to get some better equipment.

How to Monetize IGTV

Monetizing IGTV is not that much different than other methods to succeed in business online. Use the strategies in the link to create a sales funnel with any social network. Then for more detailed tips on monetizing IGTV, check out this video below.


Lifestyle Businesses

IGTV is perfect for branding lifestyle businesses. If you’re a travel blogger, marketer, motivational speaker, or life-coach then IGTV is for you.

Instagram is a perfect place for you to show you’re life in all it’s glory. Just try and create a loose itinerary of what you want to talk about so you don’t get sidetracked and ramble on about nothing. You do have to prepare in advance a little more than you would for your short 1 minute videos.


Podcasts are perfect to add an IGTV channel. Just have someone broadcast the podcast when you record it. Have you ever seen the Joe Rogan podcast on YouTube or the Howard Stern show on E? Those are great examples for you to get started, so study up and don’t get too wrapped up in the shows themselves, because they are interesting.

New Businesses

If you’re starting a new business in your local area, make sure you get on IGTV. It’s a great way to get people to learn about your new business. Just use your Instagram account frequently and use the hashtags in your local area. Always remember to use the location tag as much as possible. This makes your posts geo-targeted and more likely to be seen.

Bars and Clubs

IGTV Bars and Clubs

These are the easiest to start on IGTV. Crazy stuff that people like is always happening at bars and clubs.

They are filled with beautiful people and all kinds of interesting events. Venue especially do well on IGTV, because they have famous people doing concerts and performances all the time. Maybe the viewers couldn’t go to the show, but wouldn’t it be cool to see at least some of their favorite artist perform on their phone?

Sports Teams

Another easy way for small market sports teams to generate more viewers is to use IGTV. Highlight the best plays of the game, show the mascot doing something funny, and let people know about the latest news surrounding their favorite team.

Niche Influence Marketers

If you’re an influence marketer, you better start using IGTV, considering this is where most influencers are using it right now. You don’t have to replace what you’ve been doing, but having a weekly show wouldn’t hurt. Check out this article to learn how to turn your channel in a money making machine. Remember it’s only for influence marketing gurus.

If you’re still stuck on the basics of the business side of Instagram marketing, check out how influence marketing works in 2018. The tips within these articles is more than enough to get you started. Check them out and employ each of the strategies one at a time.

IGTV is Full of Opportunity

I hope this article shows you the benefits of having an open mind about IGTV. It’s truly a gift for any savvy marketer or total beginner to market their business like the pros. Just focus on being yourself and sharing your story with sincerity, but in an upbeat way and you’ll do fine.

Think about ways to adapt your business to IGTV or create a new revenue stream and promote it. Think about it like this…

You now have the option to put commercials for your own business on your own channel. You have right to do whatever you want with your IGTV channel. Use it wisely.

For more information on Instagram marketing, check out this article.

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