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Sharing Is Caring

Instagram implemented a new feature that allows users the capability to share an Instagram post on multiple accounts at the same time. Confirmed via TechCrunch Instagram explained, “We're rolling out this feature to provide a better experience for people who often post to multiple accounts”.

Why This Is Important

So why is it important that you can now share an instagram post on multiple accounts at the same time? Advertisers and marketers overseeing multiple accounts owned by a single entity will now have the opportunity to post an individual piece of content across numerous accounts they supervise while they’re on the go, saving them not only time, but repetitive effort as well.

Recontextualizing posts for different
accounts is some of the most common social media advice. A personal account
might want to publish with a more informal, personal style. A business account
might be better off acting generally accessible and adding a call to action.

Although social media managers overseeing
multiple Instagram accounts for a major brand are most likely using a social
media management tool to coordinate and plan Instagram activity, this new
feature will give them more flexibility to quickly post a piece of content
across multiple accounts directly within the app. This may be faster than
accessing their social media management platform.

This is great news for influencers as well, making it easy for them to share the same promotional content across their separate Instagram accounts.

What You Should Know

  • The capability to share one post across multiple accounts at the same time is only available on Instagram’s iOS app. There has been no word on a timeline to roll out this apps new feature for Android at this time.
  • It’s particularly interesting that Instagram has implemented the use of this share feature because last year Twitter blocked users from posting the same content across multiple accounts. Twitter’s reason behind the block was to curb bot and spam activity on the platform.  
  • As well as the share feature Instagram rolled out a multitude of new user features, including the ability to respond to a questions sticker with a song of your choice, updated Instagram Live stickers and a countdown sticker for stories.

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