LinkedIn Marketing Strategies For B2B Businesses

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LinkedIn Marketing Strategies For B2B Businesses.

LinkedIn marketing strategies are pure gold these days, because everyone is on there and usually connected by cell phone. That means when you send them a message they undoubtedly read it.

The trick is to make what you say interesting enough to get them to read it, which is something we will talk about a little later.

I’m not going to go into the paid platforms of LinkedIn, mainly because I’m not a huge fan of them, but the free platform is perfect for any business to expand.

Why Do People Use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn marketing strategies are great, but the best function LinkedIn has is the ability to get in touch with the decision makers of companies that you would like to pitch. It’s better than cold-calling or emailing because it removes the gatekeepers and allows you to provide information to that person even if they don’t respond right away.

If you’re a 1st-degree connection with them, you send them a direct message and give them brochures, videos, links, case studies, etc. They are free to look at this information whenever they want. I’ve been using LinkedIn for business development for years and these days I expect to get recruiters seeking me out for my expertise.

Optimize Your Profile

Making sure the keywords in your profile are optimized is the first step in becoming “find-able” for what you do. What are the keywords that people identify with brand’s like yours? What do you sell? Being specific about who you are is the most important part. Be specific.

Use Google Trends to ensure you’re keyword are being searched. Just type in your industry and see what it looks like. If it’s an uptrend or staying flat it’s something you should use. If it’s a downtrend then switch it to something better.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Google TrendsLinkedIn Marketing Strategies Google Trends LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Google Trends Part 2

These are two very similar searches by definition, but one of them is slaughtering the other. Blogging is a part of content marketing, but people are not using that term as much anymore.

These kinds of things can determine the success of your profile and your ability to be discovered, so do your research and find the up-trends.

Get More Quality 1st Degree Connections

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies 1st Degree Connections

70 percent of LinkedIn users have less than 1,000 contacts. That is not surprising, but also provides you a huge opportunity to make the connections you need to expand your business.

This statistics is good for you because it means that people are not getting bombarded with connections 24/7. It means you’re messages will get read if you write them (or copy them from the two examples below). Just make sure the connections you seek are good quality connections from people that are active on LinkedIn. Otherwise they are just a number and won’t help you achieve your goals.

Market Research

Good LinkedIn marketing strategies should always start with market research. The LinkedIn search bar is the first place to start. Just type in your industry then select the advanced link.

The advanced tab is where you can decide who you want to learn about. Take a look at all the filters you can apply.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Advanced Search


LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Advanced Search Part 2

All you have to do is decide what kind of customer you’re after. My suggestion is to select the 2nd degree connections only and use the “Add a Note” function to customize your approach. Just focus on standing out and you’ll make a lot of friends.

Be Specific

Focus on the exact target market you’re after. If you’re looking for companies with a certain size, check out this…

Search the industry you want to target. Let’s say it’s “marketing.”

Then select the “Companies” search criteria.

Open up the company’s profile and look at who they are.

There you will find a bio, locations, company size, and much more.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Company Profile

After you see if the company meets your criteria, it’s time to make the connections you need to get their business.

Scroll back to the top of the company profile and find the link to all the employees. Click on it and start making some friends with the “Add a Note” scripts located at the end of the article. Scroll down and start now.

Writing Interesting Direct Messages

LinkedIn marketing strategies should always put your messaging above everyone else. You should seek to stand out with every sentence and try to increase communication if possible.

A good direct message focuses on the recipient first. You should flatter them, show them value, make them laugh, and lighten their mood.

Here’s what you don’t do…

You don’t sell them. Don’t try to book a call. You just try to make the connection. Then see where that goes.

If you’re wondering this, LinkedIn marketing strategy is called social selling. Click to learn more about it.

Lightning Round of LinkedIn Marketing Strategies


Advertisements are always a good idea if you have the budget. They are the most powerful way to expand your brand, but there is a learning curve and you will struggle at first, so don’t believe the gurus when they tell you how “simple” it is. It will always be one of the best LinkedIn marketing strategies if you know what you’re doing. Check out this article from LinkedIn for everything you need to know about LinkedIn Advertising Strategies.


Videos are always a great strategy for any business. It’s probably the next best thing to advertisements, because videos create a relationships between people. The body language and the detail of videos makes people believe in the message more than images and articles.

Posts vs. Articles

Posts are micro-content and should be kept somewhat short. They should be used to introduce people to your brand. Use hashtags to promote them for free.

Creating articles on LinkedIn should be part of all the LinkedIn marketing strategies you utilize. Creating long-form content is one of the best ways to get your brand out there and it really doesn’t take too many great articles to make an impact. The key is create them with care and hire a blogger if you need help creating them.

Who Should You Connect With?

Don’t just connect with anyone? You really want your connections to be targeted and full of people that use the platform all-the-time. My suggestion is to connect with less people, but make a deep connection with them. This is what LinkedIn was supposed to be about, but not people are trying to connect with as many people as possible.

Adding a 300 Character Note

When you do decide to get more followers, make sure you’re including a a note with your connection request. It’s only 300 characters which does make things a little difficult, but it’s better than nothing, especially if you’re an unknown. The trick is to get to the point ASAP.

Example #1

Here’s something you can say that will get their attention…

Hi {First_Name}, 

Checked out your impressive profile and see we have similar interests (or are in the same industry). I think you’ll find the content on my profile valuable to your business, so if you’re taking connections please accept.

{Your First Name}
{Company Role}

Example #2

I’ve also tried this for my own marketing company and had a lot of success…

Hey {First_Name},

I checked out your profile, and like what you’re doing. What is your favorite kind of marketing these days? I’m a blogger for digital marketing companies and am always looking to stay on top of the scene.


{Your First Name}

It’s really that simple. Steal those and remember to only connect with the most relevant people.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Work

LinkedIn has many ways to “hack” it and get more connections with automation tools, but they are not approved by LinkedIn and something you should use at your own discretion. I don’t recommend it, and think the slow but steady approach is best.

Here is someone that did a great job with LinkedIn in it’s infancy. Former Olympian Lewis Howes…

He created a massive empire of connections and used it as a way to connect business people all over the world. His tactics will work so use them as much as you can.

LinkedIn Requires Dirty Hands

It doesn’t matter how good your LinkedIn marketing strategies are. If you don’t put the time in and make good connections, post, write articles, create videos, and optimize your profile with the right keywords, you won’t grow your business.

My rule is to make at least one good connection per week, and send a “how have you been” message about once a week too. You should have already had a few messages prior to doing this, but it’s very powerful if you keep in touch. The key with any relationship is communication and making time to speak with your connections. Without that you’re just another follower.

Seek to stand out with your approach, posts, and your content. Don’t be like everyone else and forget out your profile. Continuously improve it over time and try as many LinkedIn marketing strategies as you can.

For more information on building your following on other social platforms, click the link for more information.



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