Top 10 Beginner Marketing Agency Tips

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Beginner Marketing Agency Tips

When it comes to marketing agency tips, a lot of people have the perfect strategy that works for supposedly every business. Why would that be so? Every business is different and there is virtually no way to predict with absolute certainty how solid your strategy is until you try it for yourself.

If you’re new to marketing and want to start your own agency you should research as much as you can to find a strategy that works for you. The misconception is that one is better than another and that is simply not true. Almost all marketing agency tips you’ll find on the internet will work, but most of them will not work for you. It takes honesty and a sense of adventure to find the perfect one for you.

This article is going to be a primer for you to select the marketing tips that work for you. We’ll start by identifying what kind of business you are, briefly identifying your target market, and finally giving you some of the best marketing agency tips to choose from. After that use this website for any questions, you might have. If it’s a marketing question, you can bet it’s on here.

Who Are You?

Marketing Agency Tips Identity

Here’s one of the best beginner marketing agency tips you’ll ever find and I’d be shocked to find out you haven’t heard it.

Select a niche.

I know pretty obvious right, but this is a warning. Unless you have an amazing ability to convince people you are a jack-of-all-trades it will be difficult to convince your clients of what you can do without proof. I’m not saying you should be a one-trick-pony, but you should advertise yourself as a specialist at least in the beginning. This will help you get clients and cut down a lot of the research you’ll have to do.

Most clients after you work for them will ask you what else you can do for them after they start to trust you. The key is …

Just get your foot in the door at first.

Marketing agency tips might tell you to get a virtual assistant or be everywhere. I say to be somewhere, all the time.

That means pick a few places that suit your brand and be there when people are looking for you and even when they’re not. Remember, not all brands belong on Instagram, despite what some marketers will say. My advice is to get on the network that people actually buy stuff, LinkedIn.


Incoming money making marketing agency tips …

Get your LinkedIn profile optimized as soon as possible.

What does optimized mean? It means when companies that need your services to look for you, what do they search? Are you a content marketer for fitness gurus? How about a copywriter for B2B tech companies?

Whatever it is, you need to put the right keywords in there ASAP. Here’s a great article by Forbes, specifically on how to boost your profile on LinkedIn.

A Picture Says A 1,000 Words

So you’re a marketer, right? What kind of companies do you want to work with?

The picture you choose to put on your profile says a lot about who you are. Professional is quality that I shouldn’t have to say, but don’t wear a suit, unless it’s a leisure suit.

If you look like a stiff, they might feel there is something off with you. Keep it business casual, ok?

Most marketing agency tips will neglect to tell you to get some professional photos taken.

Put Your Portfolio On Your LinkedIn Profile

Relevance is something you need to keep in mind when you construct your portfolio. We will get more into constructing your portfolio later on, but for now, make sure you’re continuously adding and improving. If you’re a writer make sure you make each sample the best it possibly can be. Your future customers will be watching even if they don’t say anything.

Use Video to Make a Personal Connection

When it seems like you can’t get anyone to talk to you, or when you are dying to work with someone, use video instead. You can put videos inside direct messages, emails, texts, and so on and they work. If you’re looking for some good tips to make your videos more visually stimulating, check out this article to get started.

You might think that videos are a little over the top, but people respond to them and if you’re convincing enough there shouldn’t be a reason they won’t at least tell you “no.”

Who is Your Target Market?

Marketing Agency Tips Target Market

Who is your ideal client and where do they hang out? These are the two questions you need to know the answers to like the back of your hand. Check out this article on Facebook’s Audience Insights to have a better idea on how to figure this out.

Here are some free marketing agency tips for identifying where you need to be …

  • Fitness people are on Instagram and YouTube.
  • Thought leaders and Marketing agencies are on Twitter.
  • Everyone is on Google and Facebook.
  • Young people are on Snapchat
  • Gamers are on YouTube and Twitch
  • Face it, some businesses are more suitable on certain social media sites and if you market for those companies you need to “be there with bells on.”

Construct Your Portfolio

Marketing Agency Tips 101:

Portfolios that get your clients are …

  • Targeted
  • Aesthetic
  • Proofed
  • The Best You Have
  • Edgy
  • Credible
  • Properly Sourced
  • Mind-bending
  • Unique

Your portfolio is not a resume, because you’re not looking for a job. You are a looking for clients to with not for.

Do You Need a Website?

Marketing Agency Tips Website

If you’re sticking to job sites like Upwork or Fiverr, having a website for your business might not be that important. However, if you want to turn your service into a full-fledged business, you should plant your flag somewhere that you own.

I say this, because what if Upwork or Fiverr goes belly-up? What would you do then? You have to start all over and if all your income comes solely from sites like that you’re business goes with them.

You don’t need to have the fanciest website on the net, but you do need something that looks good and has plenty of information on what you do, what you stand for, and how to get in touch with you. Think about it like an extension of your portfolio.

Your website should include:

Depending on how you feel about it, putting your pricing on your website is not mandatory. Most marketing agencies only put their pricing on their website when they want to weed out cheaper buyers. This filter will give you fewer phone calls, but also separate the cream of the crop.

Another thing that you don’t have to have is your own blog. Let’s face it, they are a ton of work and don’t really apply to all businesses. However, you should be creating a ton of quality content for your visitors to consume. Whether it’s on Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, or a blog you need to make it obvious where your traffic can find you. That content should also obviously point to contact information so they call you when the mood strikes.

Check out this article if you’re going to be selecting a domain name soon.

Instead of Just Offering A Service … Create Products

Marketing Agency Tips Products

Marketing agency tips are nothing without creating multiple streams of income. I know all this takes time, and when you look at the list below, you might think that writing a book is not something you’re into, but trust me when I say it that having a book goes further than you think.

If you’re a marketer, odds are that you’re doing a lot of writing right now. Would you say you write 1,000 words a day? I write about 4,000-5,000 words a day and about 500-1,000 of those words are always going towards a blog or book I’m working on. It’s just a good idea to share your ideas all the time if you’re into marketing.

Also, creating courses, speaking, and consulting shows your clients that you’re not just a hired gun they can call on for a few blogs. You should be marketing yourself as a professional strategist for hire that can revolutionize their business. If you’re a marketer, isn’t that the truth?

I definitely didn’t get into marketing so I could just write blogs. I came from the technology sales world, and I knew that marketing was a way to sell on a massive scale. It’s a way to completely turn businesses around, not just one company at a time, but a few 1,000 at a time in some cases.

Try creating at least one of these products below every six months. They will provide you with more income when things are tough and get you closer to making your own rules.

  • Copy Templates
  • Books
  • Online Courses
  • Consulting
  • Speaking

The Last of the Marketing Agency Tips … When Should You Expect Success?

This is the last of the marketing agency tips I have for at this time. Make sure you pick something that you enjoy doing for free because success happens for everyone at different times. You’ll hear plenty of stories from other marketers saying they made $10,000 their first month, just by doing Facebook ads and having an automated webinar. Who knows maybe that is all it takes, but for most people, it will take some time for you to set up everything that you need.

All you need to do is focus on improving your business on a daily, weekly, and monthly level. Make an itinerary and don’t worry about success right off the bat. Just focus on getting one piece ready to go and then another piece. If you follow the ideas in this blog, you’ll be on the right track.

If you need any more help, you can always come back for more great tips at the Digital Cartel Media Blog. Check out this article on making money online.

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