Need iPhone Repair? Don’t Go to the Apple Store

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Need iPhone Repair? Don't Go to the Apple Store Blog

If you are in need of iPhone repair, the last place you should go is Apple. If you didn’t purchase Apple’s insurance for your new iPhone X, you should be very careful with it. Breaking the screen will be a costly affair and if there is any other damage, you could almost buy a new phone at the cost Apple charges to repair it.

Instead of making a knee-jerk reaction, read this article to find out your options to avoid some hefty payments in the event your phone takes an unexpected leap towards a concrete floor. The biggest trend right now allows you to find an iPhone repair shop for half the price and in no time at all.

Breaking Your Phone is Big Business for Apple

cracked phone screen

I’ve had four iPhones and every one of them needed repair at some point. Even with some of the high-priced protective cases, I’ve still needed to fix the screens. For some reason, if you put enough stress on the screen it will crack. Maybe that’s because it’s made of glass!

The last two was a terrible story. I dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen. I was hysterical for the first few days like everyone else, but then I decided to just buy another one.

The new iPhone X came out and it looked amazing. It was a huge upgrade from the last model I had, so deciding to buy it was an easy decision. If I had replaced the screen I could have received a little discount on the iPhone X, but I didn’t. I bought the X and new case and figured the case would protect the screen enough, so I passed on the $199 insurance.

That was a huge mistake because after 40 days of it being mine, I dropped the phone on a sidewalk and it cracked the screen. That’s when I learned about the obscene prices of repairing my phone.

We’ve All Been There

Everybody knows how it feels to break your phone. We are attached to our phones and when something happens we want a quick and easy response to get it running again.

About one-third of all iPhones break each year. Apple knows this and that’s why their prices are outrageous.

Check out this price chart, straight from the source, Apple Support. I’m sure after seeing it, you’ll think twice about getting your new screen at the Apple store.

iPhone pricing

What’s the Best Alternative for iPhone Repair?

The big business Apple runs for iPhone repair is, of course, an opportunity for smaller business to undercut Apple’s price and win your business. Do you know that a simple iPhone screen repair job can be done in less than an hour sometimes for half the price?

Hopefully, you will never break your phone. If you’re one of those lucky people, but if you are not, check out your neighborhood iPhone repair shop instead. A simple Google search should bring up all the stores in your area. Read the reviews and find the one that suits your needs.


Apple makes great products, but they are delicate and are not made to last. If you drop it, you now know that you don’t have to pay the high prices Apple wants you to pay for your iPhone repair. It’s important to know your options when it comes to your iPhone repair. You’ve already invested a paycheck into your new smartphone. Why invest in another one if you don’t have to?


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