Real Estate Marketing Ideas: How to Leverage Social Media feat. LA Top Team

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Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Tech-Forward Real Estate Marketing Ideas for the Modern Real Estate Agent

All businesses are looking for customers on tap. When it comes to real estate marketing ideas, there’s no shortage of them on the internet. Which means there’s a ton of bad information, but after scouring the internet I found a kindred spirit. A true master of marketing in the real estate industry.

I was so impressed by his skill and work ethic that I had to feature him in this post about the benefits of merging tech with your real estate business.

Even if you’re not looking for real estate marketing ideas, I know you’ll find some very useful tips from our featured guest, Ryan. Read on!

Digital Cartel Media’s Featured Guest – Ryan McMahon: Founder of LA Top Team

Ryan McMahon exemplifies all the traits of a tier-one real estate agent and marketer. His company LA Top Team is ushering in “the new wave of real estate”  with a customizable marketing approach: “tech-forward real estate for present and future.”

LA Top Team is founded on the idea that real estate consumers are more educated than ever. The old tactics simply won’t work, because consumers know what they want before they seek you out.

In real estate, the middle-man is becoming obsolete every day. You can either quit or embrace technology to make you the goto agent in your area and beyond.

A lot of marketers say and think their marketing works, but few can back it up with real results. LA Top Team uses their marketing style for their own acquisitions and sales. They built their agency from the ground up with blood, sweat, and honesty and sprinkled some tech on top. Check out the LA Top Team Company Details for more on what they do every day.

Where do potential clients get their information from these days?

They get it from Google, Social Media, YouTube, and Podcasts. These are all things you can do to be the person or company they use to get their information.

Replace the information they get from other real estate agents with your information and keep your business booming!

This article will show you the right way to market yourself to your potential customers and give you a load of real estate marketing ideas for the next decade!

As you go throughout each section of this post, keep in mind the consistency of LA Top Team’s brand across each platform. This is what you want to do too. Being able to replicate your image on each platform will create a permanent place in your viewer’s minds. If you’re all over the place you’ll struggle to get repeat viewers.

Instagram To The Rescue

A Real Estate Agent’s Primary Platform.

It should be your primary platform because it links directly to other platforms and is designed for mobile.

There’s a lot of bad information on how to properly post and manage your Instagram account. Let’s take a look at one of LA Top Team’s Instagram Posts.

This is an example of a solid post that will get you exposure and enhance your brand.

This post is a great example…

  1. The image is relevant to the target audience.
  2. Clean design and the logo is in an elegant spot, so you know what you’re looking at instantly.
  3. It has the location. Always include this for local searchers.
  4. The description is a good length.
  5. The description has a call-to-action and a way to contact them other than a direct message or DM.
  6. Lots of RELEVANT #hashtags.

An image like this can easily be made using a free program called As long as you have a logo and good quality images, creating Instagram posts will be a breeze. I can make 10 an hour with Canva because it’s plug and play and easily adjustable. No programming or advanced skills needed here, unlike Adobe Photoshop. If you’re looking for the best of the best, Adobe Photoshop is your best bet, but Canva is perfect for a new Instagrammer.

Facebook and LinkedIn: Set Up Your Page

Some people only use Facebook and LinkedIn for business development. They’re great platforms for meeting customers, researching competitors, and learning about market trends.

Without a well-written profile, great images, videos, and past work it’ll be difficult to look credible. Often Facebook and LinkedIn are the first places your customers will check you out. Even before your website!

Keys to Success on Facebook and LinkedIn:

  • Actively Participate in Groups in Your Industry – This is an amazing way to meet new clients. The best strategy is to answer the questions people ask. Give, Give, Give and they will give you their attention. They’ll check out your website and other profiles. If they’re looking for your service, guess who’ll they’ll call when they need a house?
  • Keep Posting – I know it may seem repetitive at times, but it’s worth it. If you can’t do it yourself or don’t have the time, then hire a social media manager. They’ll make your posts consistently stand out.
  • Add video and do live streams – Videos and Live Streams are a great way to answer questions and help your clients and potential customers. Just make sure you get the word out with all your social networks before you do it.
  • Promote Your Posts – Facebook has a great system to get 1,000s of people to see each and every post you make. Sometimes it can cost less than a dollar if you know your target audience.
  • Create a Lead-Magnet – There’s no better way to get people interested in your business than a free report, infographic, or ebook on a hot topic. Lead-Magnets often go viral.
  • Share articles that interest you.
  • Engage with your network and your network’s network as much as you can.

Tweet the Planet

If you look at Twitter today, the biggest names in every industry fill their profiles and yours with tweets of information, data, stories, videos, and sales pitches. It’s not just a place for celebrities to post their bar receipts from the night before.

Twitter should be your 2nd goto profile for expanding your internet presence. You can literally put every piece of content you’ve made on Twitter for the next year and build your following on auto-pilot. If you use a program like Buffer or Sprout Social, you can plan out which posts are presented when. If you’re looking for a more advanced social media manager that allows you to create amazing posts within it, check out eClincher. There’s a fee, but the features are amazing.

There are some great pointers you can gain from this profile.

  • They have solid images.
  • The banner on the top is clean and has the company name.
  • Their logo is their profile picture.
  • The posts are fun and use emojis. (Yes, emojis are not just for kids. They are a great way to show emotion, and emotion sells)

Podcasting: The New Talk Radio

Podcasting is the new talk radio and everyone is invited to have a station. All you have to do is draw traffic to the podcast, and you’ll have a loyal customer base of clients and referrals.

Starting your own podcast will make you a leader in the real estate industry.

Think about everything you’ve taught to your clients about buying and selling a house. Your podcast could be geared towards walking people through the process.

You might be thinking, if I show them how I do my job they won’t need me anymore. Yes, some will take this advice and do it themselves. However, the customers you’re after will have the means to pay for your service and won’t want to take the time doing all the things you do. They will want your service because they’ll realize it’s a ton of work and you can do it better than they ever can.

Podcasts make you an expert and you can start one right now. The bare necessities include a smartphone and an app called Anchor. However, I would recommend taking this more seriously and invest in a microphone and some audio recording software. The quality really makes a difference.

The best resource is John Lee Dumas, the creator of Entrepreneur On Fire for creating a podcast. He repeatedly makes over $100,000 a month teaching people the skill of starting a podcast and achieving their goals. Take his free course and start your podcast today!

Create a YouTube Channel

Most internet users use Youtube every day just like Facebook. It’s estimated that people watch 1 hour of video every day. Why not make that hour your videos?

A solid real estate marketer knows he or she is always selling. Even if you’re not talking prices, your customers need to know that a pitch is coming and you need to make them unafraid to hear it.

Have someone recording property walk-throughs. Use these videos to show off your properties and encourage people to buy them. Use them as a teaching tool too.

Here are some ideas you can use to get started …

  • Explain what you look for in a property.
  • Teach the basics of buying and selling.
  • Tell stories of your good and bad buys.
  • Explain the buying or selling process.
  • Talk about loans.
  • Have special guests on your show.
  • Talk about the history of real estate.

Your videos don’t have to be long, just make sure they are informative, full of valuable information, and fun!

For more information on creating a YouTube channel and the equipment you need, check out our last article What You Need to Know About Video Marketing in 2018.

Don’t Forget About Referrals

Of course, you should never forget your best resource for new customers, referrals. A happy customer will tell at least one friend about the great work you did for them. If you sell to them, you just doubled your profit and found another referral.

Make this part of your routine with every customer. Casually ask them for a referral, and they will most likely have someone for you.

Combining All Your Networks Together

The best part of doing all this is each social network helps potential clients find you over your competitors. If you’re starting out, it may take a while to get some traction, but if you look for help from teams like LA Top Team you’ll skip the growing pains and jump straight to the scaling phase (also known as the $$$ Phase).

Who wouldn’t want to become an influencer in the real estate market or any industry? With the tools in this article and the right mentors you can!

For more information on marketing your business, check out the rest of the Digital Cartel Media Blog.

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