The 3 Biggest Email Marketing Challenges In 2018

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The 3 Biggest Email Marketing Challenges In 2018

Email marketing is one of the best money making activities a business can do in 2018.

The trick is building the list in the first place. If you’re new to marketing you can easily do this by creating a lead magnet.

What’s a lead magnet, you ask?

It’s a free report, ebook, case study, etc. I’m sure you’ve seen these before.

They usually have a very clickable title like “How to buy a house with no money down!” or “10 proven ways to build a $5000 a week passive income.” Enter your name and email and start making money today!

The 3 Biggest Email Marketing Challenges In 2018 1

Online marketers have been doing this for over a decade now because it works and will continue to work. They know if the content they provide in the lead magnet is good enough, you’ll be more apt to buy products from them when they email you.

The beauty of email marketing is you can set it and forget. Here are some things to look out for in 2018 to give your email marketing game an upgrade.

Which Email Campaign Manager is the Best?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, it doesn’t matter which email management program you use.

Would you like to see a saturated industry? Look into the world of email campaign management programs.

If you’ve been watching Youtube, you’ve probably seen a ton of these like Mailchimp, Drip, or Constant Contact.

All of these programs claim to be the best, but they all do the same thing and it really doesn’t matter which one you pick. If you’re just starting out, make sure the one you use is free at first. They usually allow you to use the program for free until you have a list over 1000 people. If you already have a list, then you need to your due diligence.

I’ve used all of these programs and see little difference. My suggestion is to try a few out and pick the one that is easiest for you.

Pro Tip: Make sure they integrate with your website back-end because you’ll want to create a great opt-in box.

The 3 Biggest Email Marketing Challenges In 2018 2

How Many Emails Should I Send To My List? 

The easy answer to this question is … enough so your readers ask you for more.

It can be pretty difficult to make sure your customers aren’t getting annoyed with how many emails you’re sending to them. If you look on the web you’ll see so many opinions on this that you’ll forget email marketing all-together.

Take my word on this. Start slow and make your emails very thought-provoking. Quantity is not better than quality.

Your goal is to make your readers ask you for more. Until that happens, do not increase your frequency unless you have something really important to tell them.

Always try to create curiosity. If they believe there is more for you to share, they’ll keep reading.

Understand What Your Readers Have Already Seen

This is called the stage of awareness. It’s an old copywriting phrase and if you understand it, your email campaigns will do exponentially better.

Pro Tip: Know Your Readers

Too many times other marketers will have tried to sell their products to your customers with email, sales letters, and PPC ads. They use money back guarantees, lifetime access to Facebook groups, and the same cheesy lines to sell their products over and over.

Being different pays huge dividends in this game.

You have to take a minute and think. What other ads have my customers seen before? Then go find them and improve their sales techniques. Make your emails like a breath of fresh air.

A perfect place to see what you’re up against is Clickbank.

The 3 Biggest Email Marketing Challenges In 2018 3

If you’re familiar with affiliate marketing then you’ve probably already been here, but this time you’ll be looking for ideas on how to sell your products.

Go to Clickbank and check out your niche or something similar. Then, click on the links and look at the sales pages. At the end, sign up for their email newsletter if it’s free.

This is a great free way to learn how to sell through email. It will give you some great examples of what to do and what not to do.

If you want to buy one of the products, then you’ll know you’ve probably found a winner. Use this as a template for your sequence.

Lets Review

It doesn’t matter which email campaign manager you choose as long as it’s easy for you. There are so many to choose from that if you look you’ll find one that works for your business.

Start slow and keep a close watch on the responses you get from your email list. If you’re getting people asking a ton of questions and asking for more, then you know you’re doing a good job.

Understand what your readers have already read and do it better than you’re competition. Bring up new stories and ideas to establish trust.

Lastly, check out our beginner’s guide on content marketing in 2018 at the Digital Cartel Media blog.


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