Things To Do in Sacramento on a Saturday Night

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If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new things to do in Sacramento.  And if you are just like me, you are always looking for new things to do in Sacramento that don’t involve a farm or a fork.  Well look no further my friends. Leadergolf is the place for you and your friends to visit on a Saturday night.  As a top destination for things to do in Sacramento, Leadergolf does not fall short on its short game, pun intended.

An Authentic Atomosphere

LeaderGolf Atmosphere
With an authentic look and feel, LeaderGolf should be on your to do list in Sacramento

The game of golf can be described in many ways, but it should always be described as fun.  Leadergolf is one of a few golfing destinations at the forefront of keeping the fun in your golfing experience.  With friendly staff and late hours, you’ll be swinging your clubs late into the night.  You can sense the brand authenticity, right off the bat.  Learn more about brand authenticity here.

Birdies and Brews

Bucket of Beer
Not only do you get 4 tokens, which amounts to 200 balls, but you also get 4 beverages after 8pm

Regardless of your skill level, Leadergolf has something for you. Whether you’re looking to take two strokes off your game or just to take two strokes and polish off a drink, Leadergolf should be your next destination. Their Birdies and Brew special is a surefire way to start, or end, your Saturday night.

Best Bang for y0ur Buck

Money Saving Options
You’ll be saving your hard earned money while having a great time with friends

It’s a giant bucket-of-balls and a couple of brews at a bargain price. What more could you ask for out of your driving range experience? It’s a great time for you and your friends at a great price.

Get Your Drink On

A Bucket of Ice Cold Beer
With a wide variety of beers to choose from, you’ll have plenty of options to get your drink on

We Sacramentans love our drinks and Leadergolf does not disappoint.  With plenty to choose from and drink specials to match, you’ll be full on beers while you chip away at golf balls all night.  You’re surrounded with green grass for an authentic feel and covered stalls to protect you from the elements. What more could you ask for out of your driving range experience?   And the fun doesn’t end there because Leadergolf is so much more than just a driving range.

Full Golf Game Emersion

Full Golf Game Emersion
With 9 different greens to choose from, you’ll be able to work on your short game or long game

If you’re looking for full emersion into your golf game, Leadergolf has you covered. With 9 well-manicured greens, you can put your skills to the test or learn new ones along the way.  If you’re like me and could use help on your swing so you don’t look like Charles Barkley on the golf course, Leadergolf can help.  You can work on your putting game on their greens on your own, or get instruction from a master golfer.  There is no where else in the Sacramento area where you can get all this in one location, so plan your Saturday today!

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