Twitter Drops 2019 Major Events Calendar to Improve Campaign Planning

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This will undoubtably help in your 2019 strategic content planning. Twitter has this week released a new 2019 major events calendar. It highlights all the imperative dates of note. Additionally, they reveal indicators of previous tweet volume related to each event.

Twitter delivers a monthly key events calendar throughout the year to remind businesses of upcoming dates they should be aware of. It’s also incredibly useful for marketers to determine which they can tap into to boost engagement. You can get a leg up on the competition with all the key dates, with the entire calendar available for download.

Each month also includes a listing of event lengths. While the calendar listings themselves are color-coded. This is so you can easily identify which are most likely to be relevant to your business.

Twitter’s event calendars are always a popular. It’s a beneficial tool to have handy, and it’s definitely worth downloading the 12-month calendar. It’s also great for reference, in order to ensure you’re tapping into all the relevant opportunities

You can get more information about the calendar, along with links to download each version, here.

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