Easy Twitter Marketing Strategies For Your Online Business

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Easy Twitter Marketing Strategies For Your Online Business

Twitter marketing strategies are nothing new, but the tactics have evolved since the little bird was born. This article delves into the best business strategies for businesses looking to snag some extra traffic to their website or other profiles.

All Twitter marketing strategies boil down to the basics of marketing. Just keep that in mind when you use these strategies.

You want to create a path of least resistance to the customer getting their credit cards out. That doesn’t mean you provide the least amount of content. It means you create more content that makes the curiosity and tenacity to buy more likely.

Pro Tip: Here’s a quick Twitter marketing strategy for you to start. People want to buy things they love. It’s your job to use the posts you create to warm up people to your brand. That means to post things that catch the eye and draw a crowd. On social media, that means create a community. Specifically speaking, on Twitter, that means to get people to follow you and engage with your posts enough so they click on the links you provide and get them to buy.

Optimize Your Profile

Twitter Marketing Strategies

All solid Twitter marketing strategies encourage starting from the profile and working your way out from there. The profile is the most important part of your strategy because that is what explains who you are. Look at your competitors to see what they are doing and 1-up them.

Everything you include in that profile tells a story. Some marketers use slang, abbreviations, emojis, and much more. Do those things jive with your brand? If not, don’t use them. Be yourself or better than that, be your brand.

Pro Tip: Always include a link that helps you improve your chances of making a sale. Sometimes that means linking directly to a sales page, but in my opinion, I wouldn’t do that. I would usually link to a lead magnet that collects emails. Another thing you can do is to link to your best blog.

It’s anti-climactic to link directly to a sales page. It shows there is a lack of love and relationship being built. Customers want to be loved. They want the red carpet, and Twitter is a great place to show them that is what you do.

If you’re doing an event like presentation, webinar, class, or ask-me-anything (AMA), make sure you post the dates/times on your feed and in your profile. 

Find All Relevant Hashtags

After you get your profile set up correctly, learn which hashtags are the most active in your industry. Use Hashtagify, a nice free tool to get started.

Hashtag Twitter marketing strategies will always work, so make sure you include them in all your posts. Hashtags are like bulletin boards. Click the link to know more about them and why you should use them.

Are there limits to how many hashtags you can use per post? No there is not, but there is a character limit. It’s a little different than Instagram where you can post 30 hashtags in your post and 30 in your comments.

Twitter allows you 280 characters for each post. That includes hashtags, so use them at your best discretion.

Automatically Post 24 Hours a Day

Whenever anyone starts employing Twitter marketing strategies, the inevitable question always comes up.

How many times should I post each day? 

The answer depends on many factors, but the best answer is to post enough to rapidly grow your account.

If you spend time using the app, which is something you should do if you plan on using this app for business development, you need to understand how it works.

Open it up and you’ll see many posts from all the people you follow. How many followers do you have? I have over 1,000 and many of them post every day. How many of those posts do you think I get to see? I’d say I look at maybe 50 per day.

50 out of 1,000 posts a day doesn’t guarantee that your followers are going to see anything you post. That is why you should post often as long as your content quality doesn’t suffer. Twitter marketing strategies revolve around the art of creating micro-content.

Pro Tip: My best tactic is to create long-form content and take pieces of that content and make bite-size micro-content out of it for your Twitter feed.

Many authors do this regularly, by posting quotes from their book.

To beat the clock and still sleep just get an auto-poster like Buffer and get your life back. I like to get at least 30 days ahead if possible. That way I can get each post dialed in and revised well in advance.

Create Content – The Best of Twitter Marketing Strategies

Twitter marketing strategies content marketing

You can create Twitter marketing strategies from virtually every part of the Twitter app. This first thing you should get to know is all the features, like the ability to make videos, add images, polls, and locations. All these tools make your posts more interesting and possibly viral.

Pro Tip: My advice is to use all the tools with regularity, but find the style that best suits your brand. Then figure out which posts are doing the best and repost them to different hashtags and pin them to the top of your feed.

Create Sales Materials Feed from Content

Posting links to your sales webinars, letters, and product pages is not a bad Twitter marketing strategy is you minimize it. It can be a huge turn-off for new people, so be wary of tapping that resource for the quick buck.

Pro Tip: Social media, and I don’t care what anyone says, is a long-term play only unless you’re using ads. You can spam your ads all day, and make tons of money, but don’t do that with a free account on any social platform. People will eventually block you and you’ll have to create another profile to get your following back.

Use the Trending List to Connect Hashtags to Your Content

Pro Tip: The trending list is a great place to get your posts out there and your profile found. At least two times per day, you should be checking this page and figuring out ways to tie in your brand to those trends without coming across like a joke.

Pro Tip: Can’t think of anything good? Another thing you can do is just be social within those hashtags. If you do that you’ll undoubtedly get people checking out your profile and following you.

Be Cool at Cocktail Parties

Find all the big names in your industry and set their profiles to let you know everytime they post. Start commenting on their posts as they come up. Do not go back in time on their feeds and comment on all their posts. Stay with what’s current.

The rule-of-thumb is to find everything that has more followers and engagement than you and talk to them. Get in their conversations and provide value. It’s just like a cocktail party. People don’t care about your sales pitch, they will appreciate the restraint you show to hide your urge to be a used car salesman.

Just be casual and wait for your time to speak about things you know a lot about. Don’t just kamikaze post. It’s social media suicide. Spend some time with your answers and never respond out of anger, frustration, depression, etc.

Link to Your Profile from Other Accounts

Twitter marketing strategies profiles

One Twitter marketing strategy you should always use is to link to your other social accounts in your profile and in your posts. You’re going to be posting a lot more on Twitter. Some of those posts can definitely let people know about your great content on other networks.

Twitter has limitations, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You can’t directly sell your products on Twitter, so your website needs to optimized for collecting customer information and making sales.

Twitter falls short in creating long-form content. You should have more to say than the 280 characters you get on Twitter. If you write a 2,000 words blog, there could be at least 5 lines or quotes in there you can produce into micro-content for your feed.

Don’t Be Shy

Look, I realize all this might sound really simple and sometimes stupid. You might think that this can’t be the way that people got over a million followers. They must be paying a company to get them fake followers like Katy Perry, right?

There is some of that going on, but the strategies in this article are how to build the following you want. The number of followers you have is irrelevant. It’s all about the amount of engagement you get. That is the respect you want.

What you want is to be able to tap your followers for information about your products, services, and competitors. You want them to want to help you because you’ve done right by them. It’s really that simple.

For more information on building your following on social media, click here for more.

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