10 Ideas For Your Video Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn

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10 Ideas For Your Video Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn

A great video marketing strategy needs variety to be successful. That being said, adding variety while stay inside your brand is somewhat of a challenge.

Many companies fail to implement a good video marketing strategy for the fear of not having enough good ideas. They fear putting out less than perfect videos will stop them from attracting better clients despite the success of other companies.

An option for many is to hire a firm specifically tailored to create a video marketing strategy for them. If your company is in the position to do this, then stop reading and find that company. If not, check out the top 10 video marketing strategies you can implement today into your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

LinkedIn is Not so Different

If you’ve used Facebook or YouTube for your video marketing strategy then you’re already a leg up and you’ll find some of this review. If you have used those platforms, but fee you have room to grow stay, and try some of these ideas for yourself.

The Top 10 Ideas for Your Video Marketing Strategy

Make an Explainer Video

Video Marketing Strategy LinkedIn Video

An explainer video should be part of every video marketing strategy. You can post them to your LinkedIn, yes of course, but you can post them anywhere you want. A great place is on the top of your home page of your website.

An explainer video should be the focal point of your video marketing strategy, because it is the easiest way to tell people about your company, mission, and products without getting into a big debate about it.

What you want is a great video creator, product manager, and copywriter to work together to create a video marketing strategy that is informative, factual, and persuasive. Your explainer video can be animated or done by real people. It doesn’t matter either way, as long as it builds trust with customers and gets them to buy more and more.

Construct a Collage of Videos from a Conference

Have you check out Instagram stories yet? If you haven’t, click the link immediately and understand how they can make your business better.

On LinkedIn you can, in a way, do the same thing. All you have to do is make some short video clips each day and then put them in a video editor to put them together.

The don’t have to super-polished or professional unless you want them that way. The idea is to emulate Instagram stories and make them impromptu and fun.

Check out Adobe After Effects or maybe some of these video editors free on mobile.

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are one of best ways to add to your video marketing strategy. If you’re product is awesome, which it should be, you should be proud to tell the world. Your customers will want to do that for you, because they will want to give back to you for solving their problem.

Video testimonials are also a great way to build trust with clients all over the world. Many customers will need this kind of reference to ensure the product is viable for their needs. Getting the customer’s viewpoint takes the professionalism out of it and makes your message more authentic.

Disclaimer: Beware of professionalism adding to your credibility. If it’s not done correctly, you could come off worse than a used car salesman. 

Have a Weekly Television Show about Industry Trends

Video Marketing Strategy Television Show

Rather than having just some simple videos and relying on your customers to educate themselves, try your hand at Live-Streaming on YouTube and uploading the videos to LinkedIn.

A basic setup to do video is totally possible and not as expensive as you might think. Check out this article to get a basic video marketing setup today.

Your video marketing strategy should try and replace the customer’s source of information about your industry so that they know that you are the ultimate authority on the subject. If you tell them everything they need to know and more in the right ways they won’t hesitate buying from you over someone else.

The key to the last statement is “the right way.” Since you will never know what way that is everytime, it’s your job as a marketer to have your video marketing strategy diversified. Create short videos, snippets, webinars, live-streams, TV shows, repost on all social networks, and much more. You have to be creative now that you are a creative.

Teach Customers How to Use Your Product to Make More Money

Your product may have great features, but all those features create benefits. If you make a video, don’t talk about what specs your product has. Talk about what those specs will give you.

Let’s say your productivity app has tons of customizations. What do those customizations give you? They give you more time, more money, etc. See, the features create the benefits. Video needs to be more persuasive than ever, so focus on what people really get when they get your product.

Give a Tour of Your Work Space

Video Marketing Strategy Tour

What happens why you visit someone’s house for the first time? Usually, if your host or hostess is a good, you will get  a nice tour before you sit down for drinks or dinner.

You should do the same with your office or place of business. Show people your office, the CEOs office, the lunch room, the factory, and more. Don’t be shy. You want to show people who you are and the people that make the products they buy.

Show People How it’s Made

A explainer video is great for a video marketing strategy, but also sharing how your product is made will help build the trust you’re looking to create.

Maybe your product is 100% organic or uses recycled parts. Explaining where everything comes from is essential to an good video marketing strategy.

Just be as transparent as possible if you want to win with video. Another way to say that is keep your brand’s integrity high. That’s the best advice I can give you.

Announce the Winner of a Contest

Doing contests, surveys, and raffles is a great way to create engagement with your audience. If you televise them on your LinkedIn for everyone to see, the next time you do one more people will get involved. It’s not a ground-breaking strategy, but it works so embrace it and make your next contest better by adding video.

A video marketing strategy requires you take full advantage of your creativity and find new ways to put your brand out there using video. You can’t just be like everyone else. You have to really dedicate your brand to becoming more visual.

Encourage Customers to Make a Video Using the Product

Video Marketing Strategy Customer Video

Why do you have to make all the videos? The answer is you don’t and why should you. Virtually, every customer you have most likely has a smart phone with video camera and a LinkedIn account. They can easily make a video about their experience with the product and send it to you for you to post.

This is a great way to run a contest or a raffle. Request video makers post their video to a specific hashtag on LinkedIn and Twitter and then you market the hashtag to get more and more people to go there. It’s really simple. Try it and find out.

Answer All Customer Questions With Videos and Post Them to Your Feed

Many customers will have questions and comments about your product and service. Why keep everything so secretive? Odds are if there is problem with one device there will be a problem with more. Face it the secret is out and people should know that you’re working on it and going to have the problem resolved soon.

Your customers want honesty, first and foremost. Mistakes happen, so why compound the problem by keeping things under wraps. Your customers will respect your brand more if you are transparent. Why do you think so many millennials support those kinds of brands?

Creating Your Specific Video Marketing Strategy

The way you create your specific video marketing strategy is ultimately up to you, but if you use the tactics in this article I think you’ll really improve your brand quickly.

The biggest problem with LinkedIn is there are too many people that don’t use the app for anything other than recruitment. Don’t be one of those. It’s a social network. Be social.

Adopt a few of these strategies today and make your brand more interactive and likable. Once you get the hang of being on camera, you can pump out videos rather quickly. You’ll know the lighting and sound you need to make your videos “quality.”

It will take some practice, but it is important for you to make your brand visual as soon as possible. Everyday there are brands out there that are focusing on video for their primary marketing strategy. Dont’ fall behind.

For more information on how to make LinkedIn your top social network for your B2B business, learn the art of social selling and get more clients today.


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